We provide friendly advice about the possibilities for renovating your bathroom or laundry.
The way you enjoy your bathroom is important to us. As a company that specialises in fittings, joinery and cabinetry, we believe your bathroom vanity is one of the most crucial parts of your bathroom. It’s the place you get up and greet yourself for the day.
Our talented team of professionals are renowned for their designs, custom furniture and more when it comes to bathroom and laundry renovations. We’re determined to make your morning and evening ritual more relaxing and enjoyable, by bringing comfort and beauty into the home. Our renovation specialists work with your likes, ideas and lifestyle to help create a bathroom or laundry room that’s perfect for you and your family.

Tranquil Bathroom Renovations in Sydney

Refresh your bathroom with bathroom renovation and design specialists. With so much use, day in and day out, it’s not hard to see why a bathroom renovation often becomes more essential than other types of improvement around the home.
A remedying bathroom renovation uplifts and refreshes the space. Creating the perfect foundation for self-care, preparation for the day and winding down in the night. Our specialists partner your ideas with their experience, technical knowledge, and advice in function and design. To help you make the bathroom a place that is more enjoyable for the whole family.

Calming Laundry Renovations in Sydney

Laundry rooms are often a space that is overlooked in design. But as one of the workstations in your house, it can become a more refreshing and hygienic space if you give it some love and care. Making doing, sorting out the laundry and other likeminded tasks more manageable and enjoyable.
Organise your laundry room with a stylish and crisp laundry renovation and make laundry room activities more convenient. You’ll hesitate less when you are met with less clutter. And our experts can help you sort out the design to create a space that always brings you a breath of fresh air!
Our experts always ensure that the renovation is finished to the highest calibre and provides the functional solutions you require.


You can normally expect to pay around $16,000 - $17,500 on a laundry renovation in Sydney, ranging from budget to standard. Whereas a high end luxury laundry renovation can cost upwards of $19,000. Our specialists at Kitchens and Fittings can work with you to come up with cost-effective options to accomplish a refreshing new change in your budget.

Ceramic tile flooring is one of the most recommended flooring choices for laundry room renovations. They are strong, scratch resistant, durable, and easy to clean. Another beautiful, comfortable, and cost-effective option is engineered wood flooring.

Yes! We always consider your laundry cabinetry an important feature in improving the beauty and function of your laundry room. That is why we always talk with our clients to discuss ways to meet their needs for custom cabinetry in our laundry renovations in Sydney.

Yes! This procedure is what’s often called bathroom remodelling, and it’s a service that we at Kitchens and Fittings have done many times before. In this type of bathroom renovation in Sydney, we can move around the plumbing systems and bathroom fixtures to best utilise the space – so you can best enjoy the experience of your bathroom.




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