Kitchens and Fittings is a Sydney based company with over 30 years experience producing quality work in Australia and internationally.

Our team works closely with you to design work exclusive to your residential or commercial setting.

The quality of our work stands alone. We use high grade and well renowned products and our highly skilled licensed tradesman ensure that their craft is second to none.

We pride ourselves not only on the quality of our work but on our commitment to provide you with exceptional customer service throughout the entire process.



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Botany Best Kitchen Renovation Service

Kitchen renovations are not cheap, and many home and property owners worry about the cost of completing their renovations. Not only are renovations expensive, but they are also time-consuming, stressful, and exceptionally difficult to plan and complete. Due to this, we at Kitchens and Fittings has offered affordable, quality kitchen renovation services & Office fitouts to the Botany area for years.
The best way to ensure your kitchen renovation is completed low-cost, correctly, and efficiently is by utilising an experienced and renowned renovation company. Kitchens and Fittings is a kitchen renovation company that has built its reputation from the ground up, servicing the Botany area for years and consistently providing high-quality kitchen products, services, and renovations.
Kitchens are often the most used area in a home and continually draw foot traffic and usage. Not only is it often busy, but kitchens are also one of the main areas of a home that guests and family congregate in. Here at Kitchens and Fittings, we understand that you want a kitchen which is functional and clean, yet one which is inviting and aesthetically pleasing.
Contact us today at Kitchens and Fittings to book an appointment with our kitchen renovation consultant or to view our range of products and services.


Renovating your kitchen is definitely worth it as the kitchen is the heart of any home. It is the place where you prepare your meals and is the focal point of any family gathering or party.  It makes sense that improving the look and functionality of the kitchen will result in improved amenity of the home in general.  Therefore, although it is a costly undertaking, it is well worth the investment.

As we know not every homeowner can afford a vacation or extra rent during their kitchen renovations in Alexandria. So, make sure you have a scheduled plan to make it easier to co-exist through the renovation process. This plan should include your required rules, suitable working hours, and the specific time when your kitchen will not be able to be used. If possible, it may be helpful to set up a temporary space to use as a kitchen. We always maintain a clean, safe working environment that allows you to have continued access whenever required during the project.

Most homeowners usually budget on average anywhere from a minimum of around $10,000 and up. The total expense, however, varies depending on the size of the area, and the quality of the materials used, and if you choose to change the layout of the room. When planning your next kitchen renovations in Alexandria, you need to consider painting the walls, refurbishing the existing cabinets, upgrading the sink, installing a splashback. The most expensive kitchen renovations we have done in Alexandria have included custom cabinets, hardwood floors, granite countertops, and top-end appliances.

Always research your kitchen renovators. If you hire professionals like us that is your first step in the right direction. Secondly, before authorising any work you should ensure that your contractor has a clear understanding of what you want. This will enable a detailed plan of each and every step of the project and time schedule to be developed.

The best contractors (like us) are always accessible to their clients. We will provide you with all the specifications of your kitchen design and layout in detail, which also outlines costs right down to finishes, appliance installation and the site clean-up costs for your kitchen renovations in Alexandria.

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